ShooterCBGear: April’s Order

ShooterCBGear April bannerApril’s order from ShooterCBGear shop has just arrived so, let’s see what we have for review.
Flyye LBT-1961G AOR1: 123$

This is the chest rig we see on the picture. It’s a clone of LBT-1961G, a chest rig used by Navy Seals in many colors. This version is made on AOR1 pattern. Unlike Flyye’s Multicam, this isn’t real AOR pattern or fabric, but a clone made by Flyye. It’s made with Cordura 500D which is very durable and lighter than 1000D. YKK zipper, UTX buckles, mil spec velcros and sewing seam… Definitely a chest made with high quality materials.

ShooterCBGear Z-TActical U94 PTTZ-Tactical Nexus U94 PTT: 15$
This PTT and many others from Z-Tactical were reviewd on this post: Review PTT Z-Tactical (Spanish)
I chose it because this is the one we see the most on AOR1 loadouts.

Shipping costs: 31.65$
This time I preferred the standard shipping (rises 45$) in order to save some dollars. Order was made on the 17th and arrived yesterday the 25th. That’s only 8 days so I’m really impressed and satisfied with its speed, normally China orders take 2 or 3 weeks to arrive.

Total cost rises to 170$, 130€ which will be less if you choose plain colors instead of AOR1. I’ll try to post the review of the Flyye’s chest rig as soon as possible.

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