Radio 152 TCA

TCA PRC-152 Unboxing

J.K. Army sent us the replica of the PRC-152 radio made by TCA to make the proper. For now I bring you this unboxing (Spanish audio, english subs) speaking about some of its features and my first impressions.


Everything arrives inside a cool plastic hard-case with foam covered interior, perfectly protected.

This PRC-152 from TCA is a functional replica of a well-known radio. The upper body is manufactured in aluminium CNC.
Lower body is the battery case and it’s made of plastic. Radio is powered by 4 Li-Ion 3.7V batteries type 18650 (not included). This battery pack is (theoretically) compatible with the real radio.

Unboxing TCA Radio

To charge the batteries we have that small accessory (on the left, over the lower body) and a power cord with an USA plug, rest of the world will need an adapter. Charging accesory also features an USB port, which makes me think battery could be used as a power-bank. Pretty cool if that’s the case.

One of the manufacturer’s goals is tho achieve a good durability and toughness: shockproof, dustproof and waterproof. Protection level is IP-X7.

As always, I’ll try to make the review ASAP. Meanwhile, you can red user manual  in J.K. Army website.

You can find this PRC-152 at J.K. Army for 208$.

Vector Optics Featured IMage

Review Vector Optics Handguards

On this new review we’ll see two of the handguard models Vector Optics offers for M4 type rifles: KeyMod and carbon fiber.

Previously  I reviewed the Vector Optics Mustang shortdot scope (spanish), and on this occasion the items will be two handguards. As it was said multiple times, Vector Optics is a Chinese manufacturer with a good quality because their products are designed to be used on real firearms.

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Emerson Adaptive Vest Stock Photo

Emerson AVS unboxing and config

Our sponsor ShooterCBGear sent us the Emerson AVS (Adaptive Vest System) for review. As it is a modular platform with multiple configurations I decided to upload a video with the unboxing and configuration then post the review on the next days. That way I can delve into details without making an excessively long and overwhelming post. Video is on spanish but I’ve written an English transcription (no automatic gibberish).

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IWA 2016 News

IWA 2016 news

IWA 2016 News

IWA 2016 news! Weekend from March 4th to 6th is held the IWA Outdoor Classics 2016. An european equivalent of the Show Show where multiple firearm, airsoft and gear companies show their next releases. In this post I’ll gather the ones related to our hobby.

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