Review Flyye LBT-1961G AOR1

ShooterCBGear April OrderJust as promised, let’s review the Flyye LBT1961G AOR1 chest rig .

The original one

LBT 1961G AOR1LBT1961G chest is made by London Bridge Trading. It’s the evolution of LBT1961A (Pantac clone review, in spanish) with which shares many similarities. Later LBT released the LBT1961A-R featuring front buckles on shoulder straps, thus being almost identical to Eagle Industries MPCR (Pantac clone review, in spanish).


Built in Cordura 500D, less resistant than 1000D but durable enough for airsoft (afterall there are military accesories on 500D and even 330D) and much lighter. There’s a noticeable weight difference with Pantac MCR in 1000D.
As said on previous post, it features UTX Duraflex buckles, YKK zipper, mil spec velcros and mil spec sewing… Definitely a well made copy.  In terms of load capacity:

3x Double M4 pouch with velcro and buckle closure, utility pouch over it.
1x Double M4 pouch with velcro closure, double pistol mag over it.
2x Radio pouch with buckle and elastic closure.
2x Utility pouch for NVG or 5590 batterues over radio pouches. Velcro, buckle and elastic closure.
2x Grenade pouch on the outside of NVG pouches.
2x Inner admin pouches with velcro closure.


Flyye 1961G AOR1 mag pouch detailIn this first picture we can see the left half (when equipped). First pouch holds to STANAG  mags. These pouches have elastic bands on their lateral for improved fitting, and thus being a bit hard to insert two mags until they loose a bit. Flap velcro and buckle close without problem, mags are well secured but access becomes slow, alternatively we can put flap inside. Over the pouch there’s an utility which can be used to hold tools or another mag if you are running your flaps inside the pouches (this way we can carry one mag on each, trying to fit 2 mags while the flap is inside takes a lot of time)

Flyye 1961G pistol mag pouchIn the opposite part we have the double pistol mag pouch. Picture shows P226 and MK23 mags, but flap doesn’t close properly. With two P226 mags there’s no problem.
ShooterCBGear Z-TActical U94 PTTCentral part of the chest has a zipper (BTW puller should be black) so it can be wear on and off quickly. This is a huge improvement over LBT1961A. Radio pouch es designed for PRC 148 and 152 radios and therefore a normal radio (Puxing 888) barely shows out of it. Shoulder straps have elastics and velcro to lead wires and antennas trough them and also vertical webbing to attach PTTs.

review Flyye LBT1961G AOR1 Pistol pouchRadio pouch fits a pistol too. Extraction isn’t difficult (nor quick)  but holstering pistol back requires two hands. I don’t like carrying pistols that high, but it’s always nice to have an ‘all-in-one’ chest rig.
Flyye 1961G grenade pouchGrenade pouch takes baseball size frags as M67. Battery pouch uses an elastic panel to secure pouch’s content but makes impossible attaching flap by velcro (only buckle). As I’m not running NVGs or batteries I decided to remove the panel and use the pouch as an utility one.
Flyye LBT1961G AOR1 backPicture of LBT1961G back: adjustable straps, buckles for hydration backpacks (such as LBT-2649), flotation pouches and webbing to add some accesories (Adventure VIP lights for example).
Flyye LBT1961G AOR1 Admin PouchEach half of the LBT1961G features an inner admin pouch with elastic bands to secure omnitools, flashlights, aditional pistol mags…
Flyye AOR1 vs TMCThis last picture shows a pattern comparison between TMC LBT6094 and FLYYE LBT1961G. sadly I don’t own real AOR1 accessories.

Mark Owen 1961G Slick HK416 frontIn this picture we can see Mark Owen (author of ‘No easy day’) posing with a LBT1961G and LBT6094 slick plate carrier.


We’re facing a very versatile chest rig capable of carrying a huge amount of things in a comfortable way and replicated using quality materials. Great choice for Greenside games and good for Direct Action too, this chest rig is a good option for Navy SEAL style loadouts.

You can buy it from ShooterCBGear at different prices: 100$ plain colors, 123$ AOR1 and 160$ ATACS or Multicam.

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