Red Tears of the sun kit list

Red Tears of the sun kit listIt’s been years since we started posting the Tears of the Sun kit lists, and we’re ashamed to recognize we never finished them because of simple lazyness. This kit is for Red Atkins, one of the gunners and apparently explosive expert.

Before starting, I always recommend reading the general Tears of the Sun guide to read about some clarifications and common points for all loadouts.

First, I’ll break down the kit list and after that will write about the mods and the usability of the different elements.

Kit list Red, gunner (MK43)

Red Atkins Tears of the sun kit list auction

Things marked with (X) means it’s dropped before final battle (damaged kits).


-BDU M81 Woodland Raid (pockets in both arms).
-Military sweater, OD.
Flyer nomex gloves, fingers cut, black colour.
Danner Acadia 8″ Boots.
-8 point woodland cap.
-Woodland cammo net as a scarf.
-Casio G-Shock, unknown model.

1st Line

Blackhawk Riggers Rescue Belt (41CQ01BK), black colour.
Ontario SP43 knife in a Blackhawk Airbone knife sheat (44AK01OD), left side, OD colour.
-Blackhawk large Omega holster, on right leg, black colour.
BlackHawk BTS double pistol mag pouch, right side, black colour.

2nd Line

-Modded Blackhawk Omega vest, old gen, OD colour.
BlackHawk BTS double pistol mag pouch, sewn to the vest, black colour.
-Water bag Blachawk Hydrastorm reservoir, tube cover in OD colour.
Emerson Police Utility Knife over left shoulder, fabric sheat, black colour.
Alice LC-2 pistol belt, black fastex buckle.
Blackhawk belt pad, old version, OD colour.
-2x ALICE LC-2 200 round SAW pouch.
Blachawk Enhaced Buttpack, old gen version, OD colour.
Blackhawk BTS Radio pouch, attached to the right side of the buttpack, OD colour.

3rd Line

-Blackhawk 3 Days Back pack, with straps on the bottom for rucksack, OD colour.
Blackhawk non locking carabiner (98NC00BK), on left shoulder.
-Carries what might be a rucksack under the backpack.


Motorola Astro Saber II radio, version without numeric keypad.
-The throat mic has the PTT of a TEA Lash 2, but uses an earphone and ear piece like the Lash 1.
TEA Lash 1 throat mic, in certain scenes.
-M18 smoke grenades in Blackhawk Omega vest, inside M4 pouches.


MK43 MOD0, M60E4.
H&K MK23 + KAC Silencer.
M18 Claymore.

Vest customization

Red modified blackhawk vestThe Blackhawk vest worn by Red features some modifications, and it’s also the old gen version built with mesh fabric. Highlighted in red, one of the shell pouches was removed and a Blackhawk Pistol mag pouch was added in its place. In blue an green, these 2 pouches were removed to attach the Emerson knife sheat without interference.


It’s an strange loadout because it’s almost as if Red and Slow switched guns. Let me elaborate: the LBT-1195 was a commonly used harness among SEAL gunners. 7’62 ammunition builds up to a lot of weight and the harness allows a good weight distribution, it wouldn’t be rare if both Slo and Red both chose it. What I find strange is choosing a rifleman vest and then using the M4 pouches to carry M18 smoke grenades.

This could be an interesting loadout if we ignore the fact that it uses an 8kg (18 Lbs) machine gun. Red carries a good amount of pistol pouches (5 extra) and the Omega vest allows for up to 6 M4 mags.
Like some other characters this loadout uses a 3 days backpack, greatly increasing the carrying capabilities. Adding to that we also have the SAW pouches and buttpack. If you actually run the MK43 you probably won’t feel like filling all that available space.
Also, the Omega vest has a pocket for a water bladder. No need to carry it inside the backpack or on a dedicated pouch or camelback.

Just like Bruce Willis, Red carries more than one knife. And also like him, what I like about this loadout is having a coherent 1st line, carrying pistol mags in it instead of the pistol belt in the 2nd line.

And as it always happens, this movie is from 2003. Almost all of the stuff is discontinued and finding will require money and patience.

And these is it. A loadout for the stronger ones, remember to drop the sweater if you don’t want to suffer a heatstroke!

Pics from the screen used kit are courtesy of Yourprops’ user LDR.
You can see more pics or contact him following this link.

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