ShooterCBGear: March order

ShooterCBgear March bannerShooterCBGear, Hong Kong online shop, joins our sponsors and will colaborate sending us prdocuts for review. Lets see what we have this month.

They sell products of brands like FLYYE, Z-Tactical, Emerson, TMC, Element, etc and at fair prices. ShooterCBGear is a shop to note.
ShooterCBGear M67 Grenade Gas chargerM67 Grenade Gas Charger: 22$

This is a replica of the classic M67 hand grenade, but instead of a decoration dummy or working replica, works as a gas can. That way we can carry some extra gas without the gas bottle (which usually is to big and uncomfortable). Also with a price of 22$, this grenade is cheaper than many of the dummies around the market.

ShooterCBgear TMC Kangaroo pouch 6094TMC Inner triple mag pouch 6094: 9$

Replica of  LBT-2645, this simple pouch is used with vests as LBT 6094 which use a ‘hangaroo’ type frontal pouch. This allows us to carry three mag (there are a four version available too) without adding much volume to the front of the vest.

ShooterCBGear Hakkotsu Thunder BHakkotsu Thunder B: 36$

Thunder B are one of most used grenades on games. They work with 12g Co2 cartridges and one use shells to make acoustic eliminations.
For 36$ we can buy the mechanism and 12 shells.

TMC High Hang Costa Ludus Leg rig MulticamTMC High Hang Costa Leg Rig: 34$

And last we have (probably) the most interesting item: Costa leg rig which TMC decided to name as ‘High Hang Mag pouch’.
It’s a copy of the leg rig designed by Chris Costa and HSGI. It has two Double Decker TACOs (primary and secondary) and a middle TACO for secondary. The interesting point about TACOs is that they’re adjusted by elastics so they can fit a huge variety of mags and even grenades. In the picture, left side TACO is holding a Thunder B shell.
This small panel uses two vertical straps and only one leg strap so it’s very comfortable.
And as a great improvement over ther real one, this TMC replica allow us to unmount the TACOs so we can use them on our vests and belts, use different pouches on leg rig or simply change their order.

ALl this items will be reviewed soon.

Shipping costs were 45$ by express option (10$ more than normal sending) package left Hong Kong on 14th and arrived 19th.
The total amount rises to 150$, more or less 120€. So don’t hesitate, and buy your accessories from ShooterCBGear.

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