Review Night Evolution Weapon Mounted Light WML

Review night evolution Weapon Mounted LightToday we’re going to review the Weapon Mounted Light, a flashlight manufactured by Night Evolution and one of their best. Continue reading to know why.

Original one

Inforce Weapon Mounted Light TANWeapon Mounted Light is originaly made by Inforce out of polymer, with three versions avaible (strobe and IR, strobe, momentary only) and two colours: black and Flat Dark Earth. His led produces 125 lumens and various operating modes: Low light, high light, strobe and IR with momentary and constant on/off option. Seems that Haley Strategic liked this light, because they actually sell it with their dragonfly logo engraved.


Unboxing Night Evolution Weapon Mounted LightWeapon Mounted Light (henceforth, WML ) from Night Evolution arrives on a hard plastic package with user manual and two stickers: “Night Evolution” and “Inforce” written on them (yes, as the original one)

Functions and specs

CR123A Weapon Mounted LightWML is powered by CR123A batteries (as most of flashlights) and providing:
220 lumens (that’s more than original)
1h of continuous running time (half than Inforce’s)
-0.7m beamlight and 130m reach.

Night Evolution WML selectorSpeaking of functions, there are significative differences. This replica lacks the IR mode, therefore lever is used for strobe. Also lacks the “low light” option. Selector features a big white dot to quickly identify in which mode flashlight is.
By default, WMLworks on momentary on. Pressing during at least 2 seconds gets changed to constant on/off.
Night Evolution Weapon Mounted Light x2If you are interested on IR function, Night evolution is releasing the “Infor x2”, a long version with IR instead of strobe and powered by two CR batteries.
Night Evolution Weapon Mounted Light safe modeWML own two safeties. Firstly the one on the picture: a lever that blocks button. For secondary safety simply unscrew the head. I don’t recomend this one as it’s easy to forget we’ve done it.
Night Evolution WML rail clampThe integrated rail clamping system is compact and secure, no tools required. Unscrew, clamp and screw again.
Weapon Mounted Light Magpul MOE handguardWML mounted on a Magpul MOE 9″ by Magpul PTS. Note the engraved battery. Inforce’s WML doesn’t own it (batteries are inserted on opposite direction)
Night Evolution Review WMLWML is light, compact (compared with other strobe lights as M620V) and easy to operate. Specially when we hold handguard on an advanced positions. In the picture you can see I’m using a Magpul AFG.


It’s a flashlight that I really like. Compact and lightweight, comfortable and with strobe mode. But being powered by only one battery, runtime is short. This replica isn’t 100% accurate (which is a shame, considering it comes with Inforce sticker) due to the lack of some functions. Good part is that you don’t need to push the button repeatedly to chose the mode, only turn lever left or right. And finally we get to the price. It’s OK, cheaper than SureFire Strobe replicas. And if you are interested on the real one, price isn’t as high as SureFire flashlights: 140$-175$.

You can purchase it from:

ShooterCBGear for 52$ (black)
ShooterCBGear for 52$ (FDE)

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