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Tears of the sun Navy SealsOn this page I’ll speak in general tearms about this loadout and will put the links to each Navy Seals’ kit list. As posts have yet to be translated, I’ll link the original ones on spanish (not a problem, almost all gear is english named).

I’ve decided to make this Tears of the Sun kit list because all kit list found on the internet are wrong. Some of them put few efforts on correctly identifying the gear, but also famous photos of the gear sold on eBay don’t correspond to the actual gear used by actors on the movie.

Tears of the Sun is a film starring Bruce Willias as leader of a Navy Seal team who have to rescue three US citizen from Nigeria’s jungle. That mision is a good example of a greenside operation: The chance of hostile encounter are possible but not absolut. So the loadout has a lack of protection and focus on a light weight.

Common gear:

-BDU M81 Woodland RAID (some pockets moved to arms)
-Black shirt
-Danner Acadia Boots 8 inches.
-Blackhawk Riggers Rescue Belt black.
-Blackhawk Double pistol mag pouch BTS System.
-TEA Lash 2 Throat Mic old gen (earpice is like the LASH1)


BTS Blackhawk System is a velcro attachment system alternative to Alice (and previous to Molle) both compatible with Alice pistol belts and regular belts. Some of pouchs have also the chance to be attached via Alice for more stability (such as Blackhawk Enhanced buttpack used by Willis and others)

About the gear used, mostly is Blackhawk. Produced when they where entablished on Virginia Beach, but now out of productionOther as TEA throat mic or Willis machete are almost impossible to get. In general is a complicated loadout wich reaquires lot of time browsing eBay, lot of money and tons of luck. (A bit less of all ingredients if you are from USA).

About loadouts and it’s use on airsoft, it depends (obviously) on the way you play and the soldier we are reenacting. It’s a Greenside loadout so it’s useful for long games with long hikes as they own big load capacity. CQBs or Direct Action games are a different story, as gear is olg it isn’t as dynamic as you could need. Fast reload from an ALICE mag pouch is just impossible.

Kits lists:

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