Bruce Willis Tears of the Sun kit list

Bruce Willis Tears of the sunObviously, first Tears of the Sun kit list entry is dedicated to the main character: Bruce Willis as A.K Waters. Here you can red the equipment guide, pros and cons.

Marked as (X) means it’s dropped before final battle.

Bruce Willis Tears of the sun gearBruce Willis Tears of the Sun kit list

-BDU M81 Woodland Raid mod (Both bottom moved to arms)
Flyer nomex gloves black
-Black shirt.
Danner Acadia 8″ Boots

1st Line:
Blackhawk Riggers Rescue Bel Black
Blackhawk BTS Double pistol mag with talonflex black (Left on both pictures)
BlackHawk BTS double pistol mag pouch (Next to the holster)
SOG X-42 Recondo. Kydex sheat w/ leg strap
Large lefty Omega holster black oldgen (2 leg straps, ins’t the MK23 one.)

2nd Line:
Alice pistol bet with fastex black
Blackhaw H Harness Spec OPs OD (Don’t confuse with regular version)
Blackhawk non locking carabiner, mosquetón Blackhawk (Left shoulder)
Emerson Police Utility Knife, kydex sheat. Satin finish no serrations. (Right shoulder)
2x Usgi Alice triple mag pouch (With 4x M67 Hand grenade)
Blachawk Enhaced Buttpack OD (X)
Blackhawk Alice Tac Vest Radio Pouch OD (X) (Alice and BTS attached to buttpack side)
USGI Alice canteen pouch

Motorola Astro Saber II radio.
Tea Lash 1 throat mic (Some scenes)
Tea Lash 1 with Lash 2 ptt (the one we see almost all movie, old gen Lash2 with Lash 1 ear pice)
Casio G Shock DW-004VE-1V (Right wrist)
Emerson Kandahar knife (Left leg)

Car15 stock
Stock pad
KAC RAS covers & grip (Lateral and botton rails)
D-Lap w/ remote swith on grip
Aimpoint w/ Z mount
-PVS 14
GG&G Multi-Flex PVS-14 QD mount, old gen
-Front sight sling swivel
GG&G A2 MBUIS rear sight
-Handmade black sling, seat belt syle.

H&K MK23 w/ KAC silencer


This is possibly the best elaborated loadout (main character after all). And one of the reasons is because 1st line makes sense due to the use of pistol mag pouches.

If we take off our 2nd line (rest, want to play lighter or whatever) we still have a useful 1st line. Imagine a gunfire starts while taking a break: simply grab your MK23 from your holster, start running & shooting. You have 5 spare mags (4 on belt pouches, one on holster pouch) and a knife. 125 Bbs, enogh to be functional for a while (until you grab the rest of your gear, for example)

BHI Harness are a good way to carry lot of things with a well distributed weight (shoulder pads are wide). ALICE Pouchs allow you to carry 6 spare M4 mags. Buttpack has plenty space to carry 3 MRE, and as you don’t need to carry that many MREs, buttpack is big enough for BB bottle, spare batteries, etc

Great loadout for Greenside OPs, but I would complete it with a Blackhawk 3 days pack.
Rifle is easy to build, there are replicas of almost everything. Dummy DBAL (battery case) is made by D-Boys and AFAIK there’s not functional one, ’cause the one G&P mades isn’t same model as carried by Bruce. Aimpoint is made by G&P, with Z Mount been hard to find on stock this days, but you can purchase a King Arms mount. PVS-14 is made by many manufacturers as a 3x magnifier, AABB has a “functional” version for 200$. QD mount has no replica, and real ITT mount has a price of 150$ (and is ITAR restricted)

Next big problem are the knives. Police Utility can be purchased at Emerson’s website (250$). SOG Recondo (discontinued) is on eBay (120$ to 250$). The impossible one is the Kandahar: only 20 were made, and they all are probably on knife collector’s hands.

Throat mic can be made from Element/Emerson TCI Ptt and ACM Throat mic. Astro Saber radio can be found on eBay (yet expensive)

In summary: it’s a great loadout to based your on (very well designed), but a complicated reenactment project.

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