Lake Tears of the Sun Kit List

Lake Tears of the sun kit listLet’s continue with another Tears of the Sun kit list. This time is Lake’s turn.

Lake is a strange guy. He’s pointman and navigator of Tears of the Sun Seal Team and walks trought jungle with his Remington shotgun, even at night instead of using the supressed M4.

Marked as (X) means it’s droped before final battle.

Lake Tears of the Sun kit list

Uniformidad, clothing:
-BDU M81 Woodland Raid (Only left arm)
-Lifting mesh-lether black gloves
-Black shirt, sleveless
Danner Acadia 8″ Boots

1st Line:
Blackhawk Riggers Rescue Belt Black
Blackhawk Omega Elite shotshell drop leg pouch
Large Omega holster black oldgen (2 leg straps, ins’t the MK23 one.)

2nd Line:
USGI Load Bearing Vest (Old 80’s version, vertical pouches)
Blackhawk Carabiner 98NC00BK (Right arm)
Bead click counter (Left shoulder)
-Map pouch under LBV (X) (Probably made by LBT or BlackHawk)
ALICE LC2 OD pistol belt black fastex
Blackhawk oldgen belt pad OD
BlackHawk BTS double pistol mag pouch (Right pouch on both pictures.)
Alice 1st Aid / compass pouch
Blackhawk Alice Tac Vest Radio Pouch OD
IIFS 3 day field pack (X)
USGI Alice canteen pouch(X)
-Movie prop machete

Motorola Astro Saber II radio
Tea Lash 1 throat mic (Used in a few scenes)
Tea Lash 2 ptt (Used almost all movie. Lash 2 with lash1 style earpiece)
-Unknown watch on left wrist, maybe Navy Seal Dive Watch Luminox or Sandy 650 Navigator.
Steiner binoculars

-Unknown Supressor
Car15 stock
KAC RAS covers (Side and botton rails)
Aimpoint w/ Z mount
GG&G Multi-Flex PVS-14 QD mount, old gen
Front sight sling swivell
GG&G MAD Rear sight
-Handmade black sling

Remington M870 (No sights, extended shell tube)
-Side shotshell holder
-Duckbill flash hider
-Handmade sling, seat belt style

H&K MK23 w/ KAC silencer

Lake choses a Remington M870 as primary weapon, but also carries an M4. Here’s a list of mags capacity:
-More than 30 shotgun shells.
-6+1 M4 mags.
-3+1 MK23 mags
Even without shotgun, this loadout has enought BB bullets for all games.

Lake does not carry a back pack, but I always recomend using one: on short games you’ll left it at respawn and on longer games will go with you. The back pack that suits this loadout is a Blackhawk 3 Days OD.
This could be a very lightweight loadout, but that gets erased when you opt to carry two long weapons. But considering good M870’s replicas eyect shells, you probably won’t carry one. Eyection system seems fun, ’til you have to pick shells (or you could just use a shell catcher)

Speaking now about prices and difficulty, half of kit list is cheap and easy to get. 2nd line is mostly composed by USGI gear, so take a look at your closest military surplus store. Minor troubles comes with Blackhawk leg panel and pistol accesories, as finding them on eBay will take you some time. Like Bruce’s loadout, radio is expensive and PVS QD mount is ITAR restricted. Duckbill flash-hider in the end will be made by hand with a PVC pipe (is a very easy design) or 3D printed; the actual model is unknown.

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