Review Night Evolution Charge MPLS

Night Evolution Charge MPLS TANFor today’s review we have a Night Evlution helmet light. The Charge MPLS currently used by the DevGru. Keep reading because it’s a very interesting one.

The original

Princeton Tec Charge MPLsMade by Princeton Tec, the Charge MPLS is a small personal light to be used (mainly) on our helmet. It’s the evolution of famous Switch MPLS (also replicated by Night Evolution). Charge got popular due to No Easy Day book in which Mark Owen shows his helmet wearing it. Princeton Tec developed a new version called Charge PRO where main difference is it being powered by CR123A batteries. Priceton Tec offers it on various LED combination, but Night Evolution only one.


Unboxing Night Evolution CHARGE MPLSThis light comes in Night Evolution‘s typical plastic package. Includes everything we need to mount on Ops Core rails, MICH helmets and MOLLE webbing. You can see the two colors offered by Night Evolution. They chose not to sell it on OD color as Princeton Tec does.


Review Charge MPLSOut of the box, first impression is great. No shitty plastic or burrs. Light is powered by AA batteries.
Charge MPLS MICH AdaptorMounting the light is really easy. Simply slide it into whatever rail we choose: Ops Core rails and MICH or MOLLE adaptors. Then tighten the screw that acts as a brooch. Picture one is MICH adaptor.
Charge In this second pic we have the MOLLE adaptor. Lamp neck is a bit rigid but I think it’s due to lack of use. Black one bends better.
Charge MPLS OPS CORE RAILBut without a doubt this light was made for Ops Core rails, does not need any adaptors for it. I like it better on my right side so it wont interfere with my headsets. Charge PRO has an inverted design in case you want this light on your left.

As said before, Night Evolution only produces one LED combination. Luckily is the best one: Red, green, white and IR lights.
Review Charge MPLS red ledWith a short press light turns on the red LED. This is the least luminous one, best for reading documents without being noticed. Picture is a bit dark, we can read text without problem.
Review Charge MPLS green ledPressing again we’ll change to green LED. It’s brighter therefore making us more noticeable.
Review Charge MPLS white ledWhile turned on if we press for at least two seconds LED will change to white one. It’s the brightest (40 lumen) of them and useful for illuminating the entire room and inspect it after cleaning it.

Activating IR LED is similar. We have to press button for two seconds too, but while it’s turned off.


With a price of around 40$ MPLS cost half than original one. It’s easier to find (ITAR restrictions) and probably best option for our railed helmets. Low profile, good price, funcional and legit for our DevGru loadouts. We can’t ask it for more.

You can find it at ShooterCBGear in both colors:
Negro: 38$
Tan: 38$

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