Tokyo Marui Teaser All Japan Model 2013

Tokyo Marui Teaser All Japan Model 2013Once again it’s that time of the year when Tokyo Marui is about to attend a hobby show and offers us teaser pictures of their soon-to-be-reveiled products. This time it’s the All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2013. Lets see what this guns are.
Bottom left we can see mag release of a Tavor TAR-21. It’s a bullpup style rifle which Tokyo Marui never did before (unlike high cycle versions of other guns).

Upper left, the easiest one: M4A1 with its typical stock. Many people think it could be a GBB due to selector being on semi and I really hope it is the case, we have an awful lot of AR-15 AEG versions on the market.

Bottom right we have a pistol but not any pistol… It’s the Hk45!!! After almost five years since Tokyo Marui started showing that resine model, it’s finally coming out. Saddly for Navy SEAL fans, it’s the standard version and not the Hk45CT.  Probably will end seeing conversion kits.

And last on upper right it’s the Hk416. As Tokyo Marui released relatively recently the recoil shock version I’m more inclined to think it’s just the AAC-2000 suppressor we see attached.

And that’s all for now. More info when hobby show is ready.

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