Spartan GPNVG-18 pre-order at ShooterCBGear

Spartan GPNVG-18

Spartan Airsoft replica of GPNVG18 googles is avaible at ShooterCBgear. What is this strange item? We’ll speak about it after the jump!
This night vision device called GPNVG18 (short for Global Panoramic Night Vision Googles 18) is the last in night vision technology.

Widely popularized after Zero Dark Thirty movie, this funny looking visor uses four tubes instead of usual two. This provides operator a field vision of 95º (while traditional ones go up to 45º) and that’s why is called panoramic.

Spartan Airsoft made two versions: deluxe (limited and out of stock production) and standard (cheaper and non limited production).

Built in ABS plastic and with a price of 40$ it’s available for pre-order at ShooterCBgear (will be shipped early June).
And if you want to improve it’s look, upgrade lenses kit from Warrior Airsoft it’s available too with a price of 13$.

Don’t wait and pre-order yours to dress your DevGru helmets with the latest fashion.

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