Review TCA PRC-152

After the video, it was time to make the text review about TCA PRC-152 radio, and it will be extensive too. Let’s go! The original The original PRC-152 is one of the most common persona radios among U.S Mil&LE: FBI HRT, Army SF, Rangers, Navy SEAL… There are two generations: older one with conical potentiometer and round […]

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TCA PRC-152 Unboxing

J.K. Army sent us the replica of the PRC-152 radio made by TCA to make the proper. For now I bring you this unboxing (Spanish audio, english subs) speaking about some of its features and my first impressions. Content Everything arrives inside a cool plastic hard-case with foam covered interior, perfectly protected. This PRC-152 from TCA is a functional replica of a […]

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