Z-Tac M180V: New prototype

Z-Tac MH180V promo
Z-Tac, communication equipment manufacturer, sent us multiple pics of the near-finished of their next headset: a reproduction of Atlantic Signal’s MH180V single-comm headset.

Atlantic Signal MH180V Dual-comm headsetIn this pic we can see DevGru operator Mark Owen wearing the Atlantic Signal MH180V in dual-comm version. The interesting feature of it are the bone conduction speakers that sent the soundwaves through the skull bone to our ear bones. That way we could wear hearing protection and still listen to radio transmissions.

ZTactical Atlantic SignalPreviously Z-Tactical (now Z-Tac) had show the above prototype. As you can see there’s an earphone hanging from the headset. Initially Z-Tac didn’t plan to replicate the bone conduction feature due to the low quality of available suppliers. After exchanging some emails with them I proposed to make a replica of the Atlantic Signal Dominator headset which does use earpohones and has been seen on use by DevGru operators and other units. They replied that have finally sourced good quality bone-speakers for the new prototype.

Z-Tac MH180 headset And here we have some pics of the newer prototype in black color and with bone-speakers. Microphone lacks the foam cover unlike previous prototype. Hope the final version does include it.
Z-Tac mark on MH180V headsetAs I said at the beginning, it’s a replica of the single-comm version: left side has the microphone and we’ll receive sound on both sides of our head.

Z-Tac MH180V bone speaker

Right side is smaller due to the lack of microphone. Most skilled reenactors can try to buy 2 headsets to modify them into a dual-comm version, at least for external looks.
Z-Tac MH180V headset bandMH180V is the acronym for Military Headset 180 Vertical because of the frame position it uses.  It also features an horizontal strap with velcro adjustments for better fit and retention.

And that’s all information we have at the moment. Z-Tac MH180V production will start next month, but retail price is still unknown.

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