Emerson AVS unboxing and config

Our sponsor ShooterCBGear sent us the Emerson AVS (Adaptive Vest System) for review. As it is a modular platform with multiple configurations I decided to upload a video with the unboxing and configuration then post the review on the next days. That way I can delve into details without making an excessively long and overwhelming post. Video is on spanish but I’ve written an English transcription (no automatic gibberish).

Emerson AVS Unboxing MultiCam
Key points on the video:
-It’s the Emerson Adaptive Vest, a CRYE Precision’s AVS repro, manufactured with original MultiCam fabric and webbing..
-It’s the heavy version, which includes: platebags, harness, shoulder covers, doffing cable and single-strap cummerbund.
It all comes inside a laundry-style fabric bag, great for transporting the Emerson Adaptive Vest to airsoft games..
-Both harness and platebags are medium size, no other sizes available for now.

It’s a incredibly modular platform (even when Emerson lacks repros of multiple CRYE Precision products):
Platebags can be worn with our withour harness (unlike the CPC). We could wear the platebags without the harness for a light and low-pro option. Put a chest rig over it and attach it to the front panel velcro. Attach a chest rig to harness shoulder mounting points (additional hardware might be required depending on the chest rig) for increased comfortableness, better weigh distribution and optional platebags.
-Comes with a MOLLE detachable front flap, Emerson also sells the 5’56 mag pouch flap separately.
-Heavy version includes the single-strap cummerbund while light comes with the 3 row airlite cummerbund, which is also sold separately.
-Harness features chest rig and backpack mounting points.
-Optional MBTIR radio pouches sold separately.

Emerson AVS has a reasonable price, you can find it on ShooterCBGear.com for 105$ in MultiCam, way under TMC’s 180$ AVS. Other camouflage patterns are cheaper.

And that’s all for the Emerson AVS unboxing and config. I’ll try to post the complete review ASAP.

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