ShooterCBGear: June Order

ShooterCBGEar PVG-18This week arrived June order from ShooterCBGear. This order is focused around GPNVG-18 so we can make a comparative review.


FMA GPNVG-18 DE: 39$
This is the famous 4  tube NVG from Zero Dark Thirty. The one made by FMA is cheapest replica of market at the moment.

ShooterCBGear PVG-18 ConcursoSpartan PVG-18: 40$ 
For almost same price you can buythe Spartan Tactical replica called “PVG-18”. This is a better reproduction.

Warrior Airsoft PVG-18 Upgrade LensesWarrior Airsoft PVG-18 upgrade lenses kit: 13$

Warrior Airsoft offers an upgraded version of PVG-18 lenses so we can get a more realistic look.

Emerson FAST EconomyEmerson Fast helmet economy version: 22$

With a very low price, this is probably the cheapest FAST helmet replica, and surprisingly quality is better than expected. But it has two problems: size is small and chinstraps aren’t the correct ones.

TMC M18 Smoke Grenade
TMC M18 Smoke Greande dummy: 14.50$

These smoke grenades are a dummy version. I bought them because M18s gas cans costs twice.

These items cost 147$ plus 41.55$ for shipping costs, for a total of 188.55 (145€) took around 8 days to arrive as usual. I couldn’t be happier with ShooterCBGear service and shipping. 

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