Comparation FMA GPNVG-18 Spartan PVG-18

ShooterCBGear PVG-18 ConcursoIt’s time to make a face to face with GPNVG-18 dummies: Spartan and FMA. Which one will win?


Unboxing FMA Spartan GPNVG-18Starting with unboxing: Left Sprtan’s and right FMA’s. They both arrived perfectly and well protected. FMA uses a rigid cardboard box while Spartan’s box is weak but fix it with an inner plastic protector.


Comparation GPNVG-18 PVG-18Apart from the GPNVG-18, battery box and cable which both come with, FMA also has some spare lenses.


PVG-18 GPNVG-18 comparacionFMA GPNVG  (bottom) is bigger than Spartan PVG-18 (top). FMA replica is way bulkier and heavier.
Spartan FMA PVG-18 comparativa superiorAnother pic. Spartan put a lot of careness on details, in example, white painted indicators.
None of them are 1:1 size with the real one but I think Spartan is closer. And they claim its deluxe version weight same as real one.


GPNVG-18 dummy buttonLooking into details, the first awful difference I noticed is the button: while Sparta has a proper button (dummy) FMA used a plastic membrane which looks flimsy.
FMA GPNVG-18 rebabasAnother problem of the FMA GPNVG are the tons of burrs and mold lines it has. Spartan PVG-18 have a nice looking without noticeable burrs. 
GPNVG-18 UDL Label.Last detail is the labe: Spartan features three plastic UDT labels as the real ones while FMA uses two QR stickers. It’s a nonsense considering the NVG has three sticker holes…

Battery case

GPNVG-18 battery caseThese are the repros of battery cases, working with four CR123 batteries (on real and deluxe)which also act as a counterweight for the helmet. In the picture you can see a CR battery to compare the size. Fits perfectly on Spartan case, but FMA’s case is bigger and therefore batteries are loose and bounces.
FMA Spartan GPNVG-18 cableNone of the cables are perfect repros, but at least Spartan’s looks close while plugged. It’s bigger than FMA’s cable too.


FMA Spartan Warrior GPNVG-18 lensesOn this picture we have the three lenses available: FMA on top, Warrior Airsoft upgraded on the left and Spartan on the right. Warrior Airsoft makes best looking lenses to improve our Spartan PVG-18, but at an aditional cost. FMA lenses are better than default Spartan’s.
FMA Spartan GPNVG-18 parte traseraEven when both front lenses looks similar, FMA rear lenses make the difference giving the “bluish” look. Trying to see through Spartan NVGs is complicated, but through FMA’s is impossible, their lenses reverse the image.
PVG-18 upgrade lenses kitHere you can see difference between Warrior lenses (left) and default ones.

Price and quality

Costing both the same (around 40$) I see no reason to by the FMA’s replica, you’ve seen how Spartan outperforms them on quality and details.
Always remind that this is a dummy item used to supply an expensive item and therefore has no use on airsoft skirmish. The GPNVG-18 is the last on NVG technology and they’re currently used by Delta Force and DevGru.

You can fin these items at ShooterCBGear:
Spartan PVG-18
Warrior Airsoft lenses kit

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