ShooterCBGear: May Order

ShooterCBGear-Flyye-6094-AOR1Last week I received a package from ShooterCBGear, it was May order so I’ll show you what I chose and why.
Flyye 6094 AOR1: 127$

This vest is a repro of the one sold by LBT. One of my favorites. Mainly due t otheir built-in pouches (one admin, two radio pouches  and a kangaroo) which provide it some operativeness from the beggining and a lower profile.

It’s an almost essential item for actual Navy Seal and DevGru loadouts and the most accuratte replica from the ones mass produced (there are repros with real AOR1 fabric, but made by order and costing 400$)

I also ordered a TMC MP7 inner pouch: 8$ for the kangaroo.

Shipping costs: 26.8$ (around 20€). Shipping was delayed one week (no stock available, this a really demanded vest) and then took 11 days to arrive.

Total costs were  161.83$ (121€) Remember that price may vary depending on the cammo pattern.


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