Slo Tears of the Sun kit list

Tears of the sun kit list Slo nick chinlund
New post with another Tears of the Sun kit list. It’s Slo turn, gunner from Seal Team.

Today’s kit is ‘short’, but far for being easy.

Slo Tears of the sun kit list

Slo Tears of the Sun Kit List

Woodland M81 RAID (upper pockets on arms)
Danner Acadia boots 8”
-Valeo Lifting Gloves.

1st line:
Blackhawk Riggers Rescue Belt black
-Blackhawk Omega leg holster black, old gen.

2nd line:
LBT 1195 / Blackhawk harness heavily modified (read below).
-Blackhawk BTS pistol mag pouch (attached to 1195 straps)
Ontario SP-2 Air force knife (left shoulder strap. Flare attached by electric tape)
Blackhawk non locking carabiner black, right shoulder strap.

3rd line:
Blackhawk 3 day pack OD O with a skull drawn.

Motorla Astro Saber 2
TEA LASH 2 throat mic. Old gen, Lash1 earpiece. Modified ptt at some scenes.

M249 Para (9/11 writted on side)
H&K MK23 with KAC supressor.
-3 spare mags

Let’s speak about that modified LBT 1195:

There were various kits used in the film. In some scenes we can clearly see a LBT 1195 harness, while others show a heavily modified BlackHawk harness like in the picture (original movie prop). The front pouches has been removed, making prone position way more comfortable.
Slo tears of the sun movie propThe harness have many SAW pouches, one buttpack and one pistol mag pouch on the front strap. The options are BlackHawk ISSAK or LRAK, both needing various modifications. FLYYE and PANTAC make replicas of LBT 1195J rifleman harness.

This laodout (as almost all Tears of the Sun kit lists) has great load capabilities. 2 canteen pouch (one used for the radio), buttpack, back pack, three SAW pouches (I never saw a gunner carry more than one box mag, so they all can be used as utility pouches). .. But loading them all will make this harness really heavy. Not forgetting the LAW, useless for games.

To all of that weight we have to add a M249. It’s made by many manufacturers such as A&K, and not as expensive as Mk43 (other SAW from Tears of the Sun). Secondary weapon is the Mk23, made by Tokyo Marui (no Blowback) and KWA/KSC. Considering this is a gunner loadout  I’ll choose the KWA version, more realistic.

Pictures of the original kit are from YourProps user LDR.
You can see more detailed pictures or contact him on this link.

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