LCT Airsoft M4 Economic Series

LCT M4 Economic Version AEGLCT Airsoft finally gets into the M4 market. Those three new models will be an economic line, let’s see their details.

Called “full metal & blowback” non metal parts are made of nylon fiber.

Video shows an animation of blowback system. It’s the typical fake bolt that other brands (as G&G) use, has only aesthetic purposes as it doesn’t provide recoil. Curiously, blowback systems works i nreverse of real firearm. Piston moves bolt backwards and onwards during shoot. Firearm bolt is moved backwards by gases resulting from firing.

LCT Airsoft fake bolt blowbackPicture shows the fake bolt. Personally, I don’t like  this system: we lose some FPS, makes noise and rises up the price on a theorically economic gun.

LCT Airsoft L4-A1Versions are same as always: all life M4A1 with LE Stock, plastic handguard and side sling mount sling swivel (ambidextrous)

LCT Airsoft L4 RASLCT L4 RAS.  Long version M4 with RAS handguard, Crane/SOPMOD stock, MK18 rear sight, Knight’s Armament vertical grip andfront sight sling swivel.

LCT Airsoft L4 CQBThird model is the LCT L4 CQB, M4 CQBr or MK18 MOD1 replica. Includes Crane stock, MK18 rear sight, KAC grip, sight sling swivel and hanguard seems RAS.

All three versions come with a hi-cap magazine with 300 round capacity.

LCT Airsoft M4 stock tubeLet’s take a look to the stock. Wires feature faston connectors which provide an easier disassembly. Stock tube has side holes for passing wires throught. But the most interesting part is the stock ring (teardrop piece, bottom left). It is neither AEG nor GBB standard but a totally new one.

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