G&G G-Box: Modular and electronic gearbox

G&G G-Box Electronic modular AEG gearboxFinished IWA Show 2013 new manufacturers releases start appearing. In this case G&G shows us their G-Box: a modular AEG V2 gearbox with electronical parts.

Seems that the current trends is updating the gearbox design. We’ve seen the Katana Gearbox made by WE and Airsoft Systems ASCU.

In this first video G&G shows us the field strip similar to a real one: remove rear pin then open the body.  Upper half of the gearbox comes out by pulling the charging handle.  Note this gearbox seems to have G&G’s blowback system.

Lower half is much more interesting. It houses a micro switch with the electronical parts, a 4 position selector with free 360º rotation (safe, semi, auto, burst) and a totally new pistol grip desing which allow us to remove it (and motor inside) in seconds just by opening the trigger guard.

This second video shows G-Box in a more detailed way. Micro switch (gun’s “heart”) will feature a stand-by mode: it’ll detect when we forget to unplug batteries and start the “sleep mode”. And as a cool feature we’ll have to pull the charging handle every time we feed a new mag. Gun will also detect when it’s opened to disable motor and thus avoiding user to break gears or other troubles.

On the G-Box you can see some red colored zones. It’s new G&G color code used to quickly identify the upgrades: Green for standard, red for higher FPS and yellow for higher ROFs.

Hope we get a full demostration of this interesting new gearbox design, specially the “functional charging handle” feature.

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